“This is the “happy customer” letter – really happy!. I just can’t believe how beautiful the necklace turned out, not to mention the hook engineering. Totally masterful. I’ve been looking through a magnifying glass at all the swirls, leaves and gold droplets at the ends of circlets & stems. Your work is always superlative but this piece looks and feels absolutely magical, like no human hands could have done it. I now imagine you at work in your studio, with your fingers literally morphing into pixies and fairies! – L J“

“The ring arrived today, and I am so pleased! The Tourmaline is exceptional; the color and the cut are perfect. I appreciate you looking for the perfect stone, as you have produced a ring that I will not only wear often but will treasure as one of my favorite rings. – MM“

“Maybe it was the setting, a perfect southern California Sunday with the Pacific stretching out behind the line of artists along Cabrillo Boulevard. It was a truly joyous Easter Sunday that I will always remember in the delicately hand-wrought gold roses that enclose a freshwater pearl as white and pure as a newly opened lily. The tiny diamond adds a touch of sparkle to the smooth palette, reminding me to always walk in the light. Your creation is more to me than a piece of jewelry. Thank you for creating a work of such beauty. - MW“

“Thanks for designing such a beautiful engagement ring. Everyone I’ve shown it to marvels at its shine, color and beauty. The wedding band and all the details tie everything together. - PP“

“We love the rings. The more I wear it and look down at it the more I love it. M loves his too, and it is so comfortable. I’m not much of a ring wearer but this one is really easy to wear. Thank you for an amazing job. -ST“

“I got the Mothers ring in the mail today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!. The color of the stones is so nice. The roses and leaves are perfect- it is SO pretty. Thank you so very much, it’s perfect. Fits great & feels great. Now I can tell everyone about floraljewels.com for customized jewelry! Thanks again, - VL“

Hi Laurie, I gave her the ring on the Spanish steps in Rome. It could not have been a more perfect day! She cried, our friend cried, our guide cried. What fun! Everyone loved the ring. Thanks again for all of your help. - T“

"WOW! That is really beautiful! You never know when you ask someone to design and create something for you, if it will really turn out as well as you dreamed. You beat the dream. Thank you so much." -R&L A“

“Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about the design of my diamond ring. This ring was originally given to my grandmother as an anniversary gift from my grandfather. It has great sentimental value and for me represents the hope of finding love and friendship in everyday the way they do when they are together. I am honored to have you design this ring. With sincere thanks. -DR”

“Now that I have had time sit and slowly scrutinize all of the details of my exquisite new necklace I must say “Thank you!” again. One element flows magically into another, the stones, the metals. Gratefully yours. - AS”

“Once I’d been home awhile with my new treasure, and my weekend guest had departed, I felt inspired to drop an official word of thanks and appreciation for your fabulous design and work. My ring is more beautiful than expected, even more so upon close scrutiny! The organic, botanical setting is so perfect with the pearls perched inside the lilies. Art and gardening are my passions and your craftsmanship combines the two perfectly. Your creations are just too exquisite and unique! Thanks a million and I look forward to coming to you again soon! -LJ”

“Thank you for the gift of our rings. Thank you for taking on the project with such enthusiasm. The rings were a hit. Everyone loved hearing the story of the rings-our jeweler-and the process. The flowers are from our picnic reception. Each table had a potted flower and two candles. I’m a fan of potted flowers as opposed to cut flowers because they last longer. We wanted you to have one because you were definitely part of our day. Thank you again-and much joy to you in the years to come. With imagination. -NM”

“Just a note to thank you again for the beautiful work you did on the new ring for my 30th anniversary. I’m still very moved when I think that the diamonds and much of the gold came from my husband’s mom’s ring. You played a significant role in him giving me a total ‘surprise’ gift. Your work is exquisite. Thanks again. -KA”

“I’m sorry it has taken me this long to get back you. I wanted to let you know that I LOVE my ring. It is so beautiful! Thanks again for your creativity. -M”

“You brought a smile to my face when I saw your package in the my mailbox today. The earrings are perfect! Thank you again for accepting my special order. Your work is beautiful. -JM”

“Thank you so much for making the replacement earring. As usual your work is beautiful and I’m so glad to have my favorite earrings back. -A”

“You are a true master and have created the perfect embodiment of our life and love. Thank you so much for your enchanting, marvelous ring. We will always cherish your talent and contribution to our lives. -TB”

imageA business card retained by a faithful customer for an unknown length of time.